Jonas Cobb[edit] Lieutenant Jonas Cobb (Kerr Smith) is the real name of the Port-to-Port Killer , or P2P for short, the primary antagonist of season eight who is paloma faith dating. In the episode The Bone Yard , Fornell comes to Gibbs for help when he is accused of being a mole for the mafia. First appearing in Loose Cannons , Grace builds a professional relationship and personal friendship with Gibbs, nicknaming him Popeye , and often resorting to child psychology (including picture charts) to tap into his psyche. Bishop is horrified and the two separate, with Bishop going home to Oklahoma to get some distance. ) Do not provide furniture made of any animal skin or print. Jeanne returns in the episode Saviors when NCIS investigate an attack on volunteer doctors in South Sudan. [16] In Double Identity , it is revealed that Ducky s mother has died.

When asked by Vance if Lee should be called a hero or a villain, Gibbs responds simply, Both. In several episodes during season five, Jenny s failing health becomes a plot issue. In Cabin Fever , she enlists Gibbs assistance when Tobias is arrested for DUI. In the same episode, it is revealed that Bell was working for the Reynosa drug cartel. She appears in season 11 episode 8 Alibi , season 12 episode 8 Semper Fortis and season 13 episode 9 A Day in Court. Allison Hart (Rena Sofer) is an attorney. He becomes friends with Ellie s boss, SSA Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Tobias Fornell[edit] Senior FBI Special Agent Tobias C. Gibbs and his team investigate the murder, reuniting them with E. It is mentioned in the season three episode Kill Ari (Part I) that he comes from a wealthy family but has been cut off by his father, Anthony DiNozzo Sr (played by Robert Wagner who in turn was played by Weatherly in a TV movie)..
. The character also makes a guest appearance in the spin-off NCIS: New Orleans, in the episode Carrier , when she is consulted after the New Orleans agents find a Navy officer dead from a strain of bubonic plague. Cole agrees in exchange for a (slightly) reduced sentence, but Dearing is already aware of his role and rejects his offer of help who is paloma faith dating. Bishop is repeatedly shown as a bit of a perfectionist, sometimes asking for second tries, knowing she can do better the next time around. .


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